ACERTAS principals have won three Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contracts, helping deliver next generation analytics on high risk, high reward, and mission critical strategy

Our multidisciplinary teams have deep expertise across the latest technological advances and methodologies, fusing the right data with the right science provides unsurpassed strategy in over 1000+ successful client engagements and 30 analytic models

ACERTAS develops and integrates key domains, algorithms and technologies such as below for clients’ unique engagement needs


Technology 1.png

Reduce complexity into the key data, variables and signals that matter most, across individuals, companies, industries and markets

Technology 2.png

Computational analytics identify, map and track all possible permutations of inputs and interactions, market relationships and individual actions when human beings must simplify

ACERTAS expertise across economics, finance, political and social science domains synthesizes critical causal models to minimize human uncertainty

Behavioral analytics game how individuals are likely to act, react and interact with each other, given their interests and perceptions, revealing unknown risks and opportunities

Predictive + behavioral analytics delivers detailed, specific and actionable real world strategy to shape winning outcomes


Econometrics Social Network Analysis Artificial Intelligence
Game Theory Agent Based Modeling Decision Analysis
Econophysics Portfolio Optimization Robust Adaptive Planning
Machine Learning Knowledge Discovery Reinforcement Learning
Genetic Algorithms Feature Engineering Social Media Analytics
Big Data Advanced Visualization UX/UI Design
Deep Learning Bayesian Learning Natural Language Processing
Business Intelligence Particle Swarm Optimization Simulation