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DEpartment of defense

“… analysis was performed and briefed to senior government decision makers well in advance of events; the forecasts from each project tracked well with reality …across diverse fields, including diplomacy, military campaigns, economic accords and business negotiations. Provides policymakers and analysts with a tool for anticipating the outcome of complex political events …”



“The State Department is using cutting-edge data gathering technology to help keep the peace in some areas and keep violence from flaring in others, saving both physical and fiscal costs of conflict.”



“Is the social world random or deterministic? Is it fate or fortune that governs our lives? Dr. Mark Abdollahian explores the weaving of our social and emotional collective history through the lens of big data, analytics and music … he illuminates answers to the very real, personal questions of who does what to whom, how, where, and when to hopefully understand why.”


DEFENSE Intelligence Agency

“Senturion yielded accurate predictions … and will drive a paradigm shift of existing analytic processes … predicting the intentions and probable courses of actions of human beings, either as individuals or as populations.”

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THE Nobel Peace prize Institute

Chief Strategist Dr. Jacek Kugler presents his research as a Fellow of the Nobel Institute on "The Problem of Nuclear Parity: Conditional Disarmament Dynamics in the Present World"



“Predicting the future: Forecasting the news of tomorrow – Want to know who will win the next US election, which films will bomb or which stocks will raise? Researchers are mining social media to find the answer.”

Dept of State.png


“Senturion agent based model continues to perform with a high level of accuracy and granularity … achieving an accuracy of over 90% for more than 200 baseline simulations applied to a variety of cases ranging from complex negotiations to anticipation and evolution of conflicts.”



“Using game theory and data analytics, a group of political scientists predicted Egypt’s current turmoil back in 2011 as the Mubarak regime was falling, and is now working to forecast the country’s future.”



"Dr. Abdollahian presents the keys to “decoding the future” as “knowledge, technology and science.” He adds that strategists and experts in the field of planning national policies should use the framework of knowledge as a lens to examine the first element of decoding human, social and cultural behavior."



“The Senturion model already is being employed by a number of organizations … used in a fairly wide range of applications … to influence operations …”

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THE world bank

“Achieved the reform level the Bank team was aiming for … a powerful new tool in the Bank’s political economy toolbox.”



“More data has been collected in the past three years than the rest of human history combined. With this funny and informative talk, Mark Abdollahian makes understanding analytics simple and shows us how it can be used to create the future.”


African union

“US Government hands over a suite of early warning tools to the AU Continental Early Warning System by ACERTAS … to strengthen conflict prevention and early warning.”


korean goverment

“Simulates the interaction and dynamics between actors, analyzing how a specific issue will evolve … in addition, one can see through simulations what opportunities exist to create desired results, and what strategies can be created to take advantage of those opportunities.”



“ACERTAS presents the keys to decoding the future at the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate 2017.”

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“Multiplying Moore’s Law by Kryder’s Law, we have a 43 million fold increase in our computational capabilities. ACERTAS’ CEO Dr. Mark Abdollahian discusses his 20 years experience creating strategy analytics with four key elements: more data, more models, more insights and more value.”



Having forged a reputation for innovative analysis in the causes and consequences of war, Dr. Jacek Kugler speaks on current events in Ukraine, EuroAsia, and the world.



“Dr. Mark Abdollahian discusses ideas of creating a dynamic, higher resolution world map, keeping pace with market demands and filling the gaps between global, regional and national spaces.”


Hill + Knowlton

There are few people as well versed with predictive analytics as Mark Abdollahian, CEO of Acertas … who has a profusion of experience from corporate strategy to national policy, and from economic development to finance.”


The Loft

“How on Earth Can we Live Together? Participants explored this dynamic through a series of case studies about ebola, the crisis in Syria and Iraq, and what Mark Abdollahian calls “complex interactive systems” when “everything is going to be connected to everything else.””



“In this episode of The Zhouzheng Show, Joey Zhouzheng talks candidly with Dr. Mark Abdollahian about philanthropy, world economics, politics, and much more.”