In Latin, ‘acertas’ means sharp and keen, a fitting name for a company with proven solutions already entrusted by select government and corporate elites’ for solving their most complex, mission critical challenges for over 15 years 

Senior decision makers employ ACERTAS analytics to anticipate key events, select strategy and achieve winning outcomes better and faster results than competitors

Declassified and independent, third party verification by the US Government finds our approach and methodologies accurate at over 90% in predicting and shaping thousands of political, social, economic and business outcomes 

Our technologies have created over $40 billion in client value across corporate strategy, negotiations, investment, development and achieving national policy outcomes

Our principals are world recognized leaders in fusing strategy with data, science and analytics in over 1000+ successful client engagements

ACERTAS’ teams of multidisciplinary practitioners are proven experts in their domains, spanning from corporate strategy, government, finance, politics, economics, international development, mathematics and computer science

We have created, deployed and implemented over 30 different operational data science, decision making and forecasting models for clients globally

Our people have published dozens of scientific papers and books across decision making, economics, political science and computational analytics, have given 3 TED Talks, and work at the frontier of data and analytics with only select partners worldwide

ACERTAS was founded in 2012 to make commercially available for the first time our demonstrated strategy + analytics results