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Svetlana Morozova

Dr. Morozova is Senior Financial Economist at ACERTAS. She brings to ACERTAS’s clients 20 years of combined experience in project finance, public-private partnerships (P3), investment banking, corporate strategy and international policy advisory focused on renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

In 1999-2008 Dr. Morozova contributed to the development and financing of the first of their kind international climate change management projects across North America, China, India, the Philippines, Mexico and Chile, where she was instrumental in the securitization of environmental commodities. Since 2009 she has been focused on financing ‘cleantech’ through off-balance sheet transactions and innovation in P3 finance. 

Dr. Morozova holds a Financial MBA from Golden Gate University, an MA in Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy from Claremont Graduate University.