Marina Arbetman-Rabinowitz

Dr. Marina Arbetman is Senior Economist at ACERTAS and a Senior Fellow at the TransResearch Consortium. She is a political economist with vast experience in estimation of conflict, socio-economic and political measures. She has worked as a consultant with the World Bank in Cambodia, Mongolia, Philippines and numerous Latin American nations, including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. She has experience in operational and systemic risk analysis as well as macro economic forecasting in Australia, Argentina, Paraguay and across the Middle East.

Dr. Arbetman’s pioneering work complies and integrates fiscal, social, economic and political indicators to empirically assess both public and private sector enterprise performance in complex, dynamic environments.

Previously, Dr. Arbetman held academic positions at Universidad of Buenos Aires, University of Missouri-Columbia and Tulane University. She completed much of her Bachelors at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and received her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.