“Greatness is not this, wonderful, esoteric, elusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. You know? It’s something that truly exists, in, all of us. It’s very simple, this is what I believe, and, I’m willing to die for it. Period.
It’s that simple.”

– Will Smith

Zhengming Song

Mr. Zhengming Song is a Senior Data Scientist at ACERTAS. His expert knowledge of quantitative research, finance and data analytics help address clients’ unique needs, utilizing financial markets and advanced simulation to provide insights to the complex strategy challenges.

Mr. Song has extensive experience in financial and market time series analysis, advanced simulations methods, financial derivative analysis, quantitative trading and risk management. He served previously as an Analyst at Esoteric Capital, employing quantitative risk management and mathematical finance to analyze capital investments and portfolio optimization.

Mr. Song holds a B.S. in Finance from Nankai University and received a dual M.S. in Financial Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University.